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Video: Dick LeBeau Tackles Haywood Jeffires

Since the Steelers are playing Houston this upcoming Sunday this seems like as good a time as any to post this completely random video of a 1989 Bengals-Oilers game. Why? Because Bengals defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who looks the same … Continue reading

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Marshall Faulk: Not a Huge Believer in the Steelers

It’s too bad NFL.com just doesn’t have an entire section devoted to “Stupid Things Marshall Faulk Says” because it would make my job a lot easier. Instead, I spent 20 minutes perusing their video archives to unearth some recent nuggets … Continue reading

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Steelers, Packers, Zone Blitzes and Organized Chaos

There are a lot of connections between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers heading into Super Bowl XLV. For example, you may have heard once or twice that Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is from Pittsburgh (seriously, it’s this … Continue reading

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #8: Browns-Steelers Preview

In light of this most recent podcast, there’s a good chance that Steelers Lounge will cease to exist should the Browns win Sunday. Because we spend nearly an hour talking about how there’s virtually no way Pittsburgh loses. Oh, and … Continue reading

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Is This The Year Dick LeBeau Gets Even or Even Better?

In most years, the Steelers keep 26-27 offensive players on their opening-day, 53-man roster to go with 23-24 defensive players and three special teams players. However, the defense looks to get even this year with at least 25 likely roster … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It: Dick LeBeau’s Hall of Fame Speech

Dick LeBeau is an interesting member of the Hall of Fame. He’s going in for his playing days as a member of the Detroit Lions, but the people celebrating it the most seem to be the fans in Pittsburgh, where … Continue reading

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