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Hines Ward, his release and when it’s time to change

It should not be a surprise that Hines Ward’s career with the Pittsburgh Steelers has come to an end. Deep down — or perhaps closer to the surface, depending on your level of realism — we all knew it was … Continue reading

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Lounge Legal Dept.: Hines Ward Gets Busted for DUI

Jeremy Clark is an attorney and a Steelers fan. He also runs the Lounge Legal Department which needs to be called on due to Hines Ward’s recent trouble in Georgia. Take it away, Jeremy… As I’m sure most of you … Continue reading

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Hines Ward Is In Some Trouble

When we said we wanted something new to talk about, this wasn’t really what we had in mind. According to multiple reports, Hines Ward was picked up and charged with a DUI in Georgia Friday night/Saturday morning. He was booked … Continue reading

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Why the Steelers Should Let Somebody Else Worry About Plaxico Burress

Over the weekend Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette made his argument for why the Steelers should at least look into bringing back wide receiver Plaxico Burress. In short: He would make the 2011 Steelers a stronger team, give them a … Continue reading

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Picking a Wideout Would Be Nice, But Not Necessary

It happens every year and the weeks and months leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft is no different; there has been a lot of discussion about where the Steelers’ needs are the greatest. It may be cornerback (especially with … Continue reading

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Is Emmanuel Sanders Ready to Pass Hines Ward?

Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. is going around the AFC North and examining players that could have a breakout season in 2011 (whenever it starts). His selection for the Steelers: wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders who, as Williamson writes, “could be … Continue reading

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Hines Ward Is Up For the Madden ’12 Cover (Sort of)

EA Sports is using a fan vote to determine the face of Madden ’12 and has created a 32-player tournament to decide the winner. Each team gets a representative, and for the Steelers it’s wide receiver and Dancing With The … Continue reading

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Watch Hines Ward’s Dancing With the Stars Debut

If I were putting together a list of topics that I figured I’d never be writing about on this site, a post about Dancing With The Stars would be somewhere near the top. Thanks to Hines Ward, well … here … Continue reading

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Hines Ward: Cast Member On Dancing With the Stars

Hines Ward. You know him as the Steelers all-time leading receiver, a two-time Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl XL MVP, (arguably) a future Hall of Famer … and now? A cast member on Dancing With The Stars. Yes, that’s right, … Continue reading

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Check That: Roger Goodell Is a Lousy Politician, Too

In the past, on several occasions, I have referred to Roger Goodell as a good politician but a lousy NFL Commissioner. Turns out, he’s not much of a politician, either. Charged with convincing fans that the 18-game schedule is something … Continue reading

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