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Steelers Have Some Decisions to Make

Almost six years ago (!), shortly after the Steelers and Bill Leavy beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, I wrote a post on HSS (remember that place?) about the impending free agents, and which ones the organization should target … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Sack: Keisel vs. Gabbert

JJ’s recent post on the intricacies of Dick LeBeau’s defense inspired me to break down a Blaine Gabbert sack from last Sunday’s Steelers win. Clearly, my knowledge of Xs, Os, line play and pretty much anything else in which the … Continue reading

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #57: Titans Recap – Mike Merriweather

We’ll be hearing all week about Max Starks, formerly of his couch, as the catalyst for the Steelers’ offensive line coming together. Maybe we’re giving him more credit than he’s due but … well, I’m fine with that.  After not … Continue reading

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #49: Eagles Recap — Dwayne Woodruff

That was slightly easier to watch than last week’s effort against the Redskins. Gretz and I talked on the previous podcast about everything we wanted to see the Steelers do against the Eagles and, well, I’m pretty sure it all … Continue reading

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Are You There CBs? It’s Me Ryan

I don’t want to make too big a deal about this because, well, we’re one game into the preseason, and guys have been practicing a grand total of two weeks after no OTAs or minicamps. It shouldn’t be a surprise … Continue reading

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Youth Movement, Cont’d: Tomlin Talks Broncos

Mike Tomlin didn’t mention it during his Friday press conference, but Rashard Mendenhall is fine. Mark Madden reported otherwise on his radio show, but like most things that don’t involve greasy food and Hawaiian shirts, Tons-o-Fun was wrong. Suspending reality … Continue reading

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Pouncey, Skippy, Keenan and 2.0

And so it begins. Maurkice Pouncey took the first-team reps today, effectively ending Justin Hartwig’s gig as the Steelers starting center. I haven’t been as down on Hartwig as other folks, but I admit that could have more to do … Continue reading

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